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Hellen Damnation

Hellen Damnation

Mistress of Propaganda

UNPC Representative

Declared Aspirancy: April of 2016

Elevated to Fully Professed: July of 2017

What’s in a name? And how it relates to my ministry:>

Many people ask how Sisters select our names. Hellen Damnation was inspired by a Garth Brooks song called “Standing Outside the Fire.”

The song highlights those for whom dreams live just beyond their grasp. Standing outside the fire is a metaphor for people who stand on the sidelines and watch as others thrive–enjoying experiences, love, and laughter in pursuit of their dreams. At its heart, the anthem encourages people to pursue those dreams fearlessly.

Too many suffer from what modern culture has termed decision-paralysis. Crippled with fear they live life beholden to routine, following others, and never reaching their dreams.

Some have epic dreams of jumping out of airplanes, moving to Buenos Aires without a job or a place to live, or trying a new career. For others, being part of a group, having close friends, not being lonely, or making a positive contribution to their community is dream enough. Regardless of your dream, big or small, fear only gets in your way of attaining it.

My personal ministry is about encouragement: I’m here for those who don’t want to settle for what life hands them, those who are tired of avoiding risk, and those who are ready to take the chance of getting burned but need some support to reach for their dreams.

A powerful line from the song is, “We call them fools, who have to dance within the flame. Who chance the sorrow and the shame, that always comes with getting burned.”  I can’t promise you won’t experience sorrow. But I pledge to use my veil to shield you from judgement and shame.

Failure be damned. Come dance with me inside the flame.

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