Inda Beginning

15327482_1384604238216819_4052574506307294983_nInda Beginning
[formerly known as Yonica Phallico]


Yonica Phallico likes having both in almost any circumstance. Contradiction and conviction. Logic and paradox. Chicken and fish. It makes for interesting conversation!

Five ideals by which you hope to serve your community

Curiosity, Acceptance, Conviction, Humility, Empathy

Three tenets by which you pledge to live and practice

  1. Work to foster safe spaces for positive expression
  2. Teach and learn from honest experience to combat prejudice and ignorance

3.    Encourage mindfulness, critical thinking, and awareness always

            My Calling

The sisters made their main impression at Nunch, fundraisers and entertainers. Male and female. Queens and servants. Goofy and sincere. Yonica’s ministry follows this in her ministry by bringing diametrically (used here within the context of a larger social understanding, not individual experience) opposed concepts. I want to use the practice of non-judgmentality to bring fringe voices to light, even conflicting ones, and when appropriate keep asking the question that I find myself repeating, and that I’ll repeat as a sister dealing with conflict: “Why not both?”

Ask questions

My work is in service to all the different communities that intersect with queer culture. Listening to stories and experiences helps spread understanding and empathy. It’s a simple practice we can all engage with to make those around us feel heard. Ask me anything!

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