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Fully Professed Members




Members Emeritus

Members Emeritus are Fully-Professed Members who, due to their busy personal lives or relocation from the Boston area, have decided to take a sabbatical from their work with The Boston Sisters.
These Sisters are still Members for life.
This distinction comes from the Latin “emeritus” meaning “having retired, but allowed to retain their title.”

Nuns of the Above

Here, we honor those Boston Sisters who have been taken from us too soon and who have passed through The Veil. While gone from this Earthly plane, their memories and spirits will live on through all of us here.
We will forever miss you.

Nun Others

Here, we recognize and honor the individuals who worked full-time with us in the past and who have since either moved out-of-state and found new Sister Houses, found another calling in life, or have decided to volunteer with us part-time as their secular selves.