Bee Big

Bee Big

Declared Aspirancy: 15th of August of 2017

It is with sincerely heavy hearts that we, The Boston Sisters, announce the passing of our dear Sister, Bee Big.

Bee was a champion of hard work, dedication, social activism, and change. Before joining The Sisters, she had participated in peasant riots in Peru, stood up to government soldiers in the Ukraine, and even sued the City of Boston for corruption (and won!). She also filled her life with volunteer and community outreach like teaching baseball to kids in the South End and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay. This was not a character who lived her life small in any facet. After joining The Sisters, she kept that energy alive and was recently an advocate for our voices to be loud and proud in the face of the allegedly upcoming ‘Straight Pride’ parade in Boston. “This is the time to let people know we are there to stand up to bigotry and intolerance.” Along with pushing The Sisters to take stands and make statements, Bee was a tireless worker (a worker Bee, if you will). Last month, she worked for weeks in order to design, organize, and build – with her own two hands – our Pride float.

Bee was also a strong outward-facing voice for our community. She always reminded people that if they couldn’t ‘be big,’ they could also change the world through small acts – because small acts add up to big ones. At our recent “Sisters Tell All” event, Bee reminded the audience of that.

“I like to inspire people to do what they can do, even in the tiniest way. I think what it is about The Sisters is to inspire people to just do what you can do. Don’t do nothing. Even if that’s just buying a charity pin for five dollars or giving somebody a hug or just being nice to somebody.”

Bee’s memory, energy, spirit, and dedication will forever ring throughout The Boston Sisters. We are a different House than we were when she joined because she changed each and every one of us. May the Nuns of the Above welcome her with open arms as she passes through the veil and onto her next adventure.

We will miss you, Bee.

Author: Webmaster