Nonye, Patron Saint of Perpetual Laughter

Saint Nonye, Patron Saint
of Perpetual Laughter

Ever since our first major stage event – Joyful Noise – in August 2014, Nonye has been performing at our functions as well as wrangling some of Boston’s best up-and-coming comedians to join her. In the past, she has also acted as Altered Girl, volunteering at events such as North Shore Pride, Sister Bingo, Nunch, and many others.

But, aside from the “things-she-does-for-the-Sisters,” we believe that she embodies the spirit of open, healthy dialogues that make the Boston community a brighter and more open place. She makes people laugh, think, and sometimes get a bit uncomfortable. Her comedy routines are FULL of jokes about sex-positivity, bisexuality, sexism, and racism.

“I was the most unpopular person at the orgy – because I got into the hummus. It turns out nobody wants the person who was eating hummus to join in on the munching activities. They don’t want it to smell like garlic for everyone else.”

Nonye not only brings joy and laughter to people, she gets them thinking about progressive issues in a non-judgmental way. We believe that our community needs more of that kind of spirit and for that, we honor her with this truly deserved Sainting.

From henceforth, she shall be known as “Saint Nonye, Patron Saint of Perpetual Laughter”.

*March 11th, 2018 — The Sainting of Nonye at Nunch: The Nun Brunch

Author: Webmaster