Canis Major

Pup Sirius, named after the star of the same namesake and a lover of astronomy, has been
a tireless worker and supporter of the pet play community in Boston and globally. Pup
Sirius was Northeast Puppy 2018 (NEPAH) of the Northeast Puppy and Handler Contest.
Using his title to open doors and create new experiences produced Communikink, an in-
person kink education series, inviting kink experts to present on topics around kink play,
and kink safety and communication.
Pup Sirius has also served as International Puppy from 2019 – 2023 (IPTC). His extended
title was due to COVID, during which Pup Sirius worked globally to bring together title
holders from around the world and key community members to create “Secret Talent of
Pets,” an international talent show designed to bring the global pet play community
together virtually to celebrate pets around the world, showing off their talent, and enlisted
the talents of Pup Amp and Mr. Kristopher, known for “Watts The Safeword” as the
Pup Sirius continues to serve on the boards of the Northeast Puppy and Handler Contest
and International Puppy and Trainer Contest.
Locally Sirius has served on the planning team of Club Café’s Kink Tea. Sirius continues
to be a supporter of Fascination and has organized a night of pup and pet play at
Fascination; and is a champion for Alley Pets, occasionally coordinating with the event
producer to bring Communikink into Alley Pets as a combined event. Sirius, in 2023, led
the organization of the Boston pets march in the 1 st pride parade under Boston Pride for
the People, which comprised over 50 pet participants. Pup Sirius also arranged a pet play
booth as part of the pride event, introducing newcomers to pet play. Sirius is also a key
member of the local Boston Pets Telegram group, a group with over 300 participants, and
has been influential in bringing many new participants into the community.
Sirius continues to be a local supporter of the greater kink community serving as a judge
for local kink contests in addition to judging contests internationally.
Sirius is a recognized community leader in the Boston area and globally.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing