Harrie Magdalene

Harrie Magdalene Email: sr.harrie.magdalene@gmail.com Declared Aspirancy: 17th of January of 2017

Esther O. Gen

Esther O. Gen Declared Aspirancy: 18th of October of 2016 Email: sr.esther.o.gen@gmail.com Instagram: sr_estherogen

Aria Inyette

Aria Inyette Email: Sr.Aria.Inyette@gmail.com or PutitinmyASK@gmail.com Facebook: Aria Inyette     Born the first time: Aria was first born a little Gemini lad in the year of the snake.   Born again: Aria was born from a cloud of glitter and sparkle in the living room…

Heidi Sins

Heidi Sins Facebook: Heidi Sins Email: Sr.HeidiSins@gmail.com Born the first time: In the month of Virgo, in the year of the Rabbit… does that mean that I am an ancient furry virgin?! Born again: After stalking the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on-line and seeing them doing…

Inda Beginning

Inda Beginning [formerly known as Yonica Phallico] ————————————————————————————————————— Yonica Phallico likes having both in almost any circumstance. Contradiction and conviction. Logic and paradox. Chicken and fish. It makes for interesting conversation! Five ideals by which you hope to serve your community Curiosity, Acceptance, Conviction, Humility,…