Rosetta Stone

Sister Rosetta Stone

Secretary/UNPC Representative

Facebook: Rosetta Stone

Born the first time:

November 28th, a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. I share my day with Randy Newman, Paul Shaffer, Ed Harris, Judd Nelson, Jon Stewart, and Anna Nicole Smith. Much is now explained. I grew up on the North Shore of Boston, in Peabody. Natives of Peabody are known by how they pronounce it. Let’s also throw in a mention that Peabody is known as the Leather City. Again, much is now explained.

Born again:

Nun in waiting at the moment am I. Currently building the Commonwealth Convent with a group of nuns who I’m frequently inspired and awed by.

Your Family Tree?

Oh dear…well, Rosetta was birthed many years ago as quite the shiksa. She quietly sat in the background for a long time while her secular self got implicated in many crimes against conservative ideology. Her recent re-appearance on this plane of consciousness has been aided and abetted by Sr. Eunice X and Sr. KrisTall Mighty—blame them or thank them if I’m inflicted upon you, depending on your personal opinion.

What is your lay occupation?

This depends on the day of the week and the time of the day. I’m a banker during the weekdays, working as an Operations Officer for trade banking and foreign exchange products. I’m also an artist, focusing on painting, assemblage, collage, pottery, textile, and other collaborative creative events. I also design and sew costumes. Lastly, I teach software courses at a local adult learning center. Yes, I’m a busy nun. Thank you.

Describe the path leading to your Calling to the Order.

For more years than I care to count (as you’ll likely guess my rapidly accreting age), I’ve been involved in building community in the Boston area. I’ve had the privilege of working within the Bear community, the Dorchester Gay and Lesbian Alliance, other local GLBT groups, and most recently with the Imperial Court of Massachusetts, having reigned as Emperor IV of Massachusetts.

Coming from a tween and teenager history of being shunned and ostracized, once outlets where acceptance was available were found, I gravitated towards them. It became vital for me to demonstrate to myself my capabilities and strengths. By the time the Imperial Court came along, I was ready to shed the chrysalis and step forth. My reign title in the Imperial Court was “protector of the chosen family”. Being an adoptee and knowing how challenged GLBT folks can be with their birth families, I took the tools of love and acceptance from the birth family that chose me and employed them while doing my community work. I’ve always held an attraction to doing work within the community—particularly the connections, friendship, and bearing witness to the care that I see each day.

My primary inspiration with the Imperial Court was its founder, the Absolute Empress 1, Jose, the Widow Norton. Emulating only a portion of this force’s labors is an admirable effort. I’ve always been stimulated by her statement that “We must all stand together, because if we don’t, they will take us down one by one”.

Once it became known that there were Sisters in the Boston area looking to start a Mission, my first thought was “that’s what I’d like to do next”. The aspect of direct ministry in the community, the face to face of activism, was the strong appeal. Thus far, I’ve not been disappointed with my experience as a nun.

Explain your interpretation of The Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence.

Embracing personal joy through discovering that you can be happy being who you are, doing what you want, as long as you do not bring harm to others. Help bring others to this joyful place.

Do you believe in miracles?

I believe more in fate than in miracles. Ordinary miracles happen every day—by the strength, courage, conviction, and mostly well-meaning of individuals. We need to recognize and celebrate our ordinary miracle workers more.

And what other principles guide your practice as a nun?

  • All persons have value. Help others find their understanding of this.
  • From the quietest corner can come the strongest idea.
  • Grace. Get it. Own it. Work it.
  • Capable intellect does not necessarily equate to academic prowess—a studied mind does not always come from an ivy-covered hall.
  • Art and creativity should be part of everyone’s everyday.
  • Working in the community really isn’t work when you realize how much joy you bring.

Final thoughts?

What? This is the end? Once you know me, you’ll find I don’t have final thoughts—something else is always bubbling up. Ok, fine, so be it, we shall part temporarily. Give my love to you and yours.

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