Teresa Solution


Name: Teresa Solution

Email: sr.teresasolution@gmail.com

Facebook: Teresa Solution

Born the first time:

February 5, 1969, month earlier than expected. I’ve been pushy ever since.

Born Again:

I received my calling on October 11, but didn’t answer the phone for while. Teresa Solution made her first appearance on December 5 at an event supporting Mr. Boston Leather.

Your Family Tree:

My big sisters are Dearest Caught in Headlights and Rosetta Stone

What is you lay occupation?

I work at a historical American men’s clothier selling shirts and ties and am the Lifestyle Editor for a bi-monthly LGBT publication in the Boston area.

Describe the path leading to your Calling to the Order

I came of age as the gay-right’s movement exploded in power and simultaneously was devastated by the onslaught of AIDS. Growing up in Southern CA, I remember seeing the Sisters on every newscast of both parades and demonstrations covering SF and not being able to get the images out of my head. The Sisters were dangerous, exciting and beautiful.

After battling my own demons, many rooted in homophobia, I’ve learned to live a life based on some pretty simple spiritual principles and try to practice these principles in all of my affairs. When I met the Sisters, I was immediately drawn to their humility and willingness to serve their community. The idea of a life of service behind a pound and a half of clown white is very powerful.

Explain your interpretation of The Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence If I can help someone else come to the conclusion that they are important, that they are not disposable ­– the exact internal battles that I faced as a young gay man – then I will have demonstrated the workings of Perpetual Indulgence. Guilt and shame are useless emotions. In hindsight, they have never done anything to fix or change my behavior. So why bother?

Do you believe in miracles?

I experience miracles every day. I have also seen people walk away from miracles. Wishes come true, not free. I am responsible for maintaining the gifts I have been given.

What other principles guide your practice as a nun?

Non-judgmental. I struggle with this every day. To live in a position where I am truly glad to be of service, is a huge goal.

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