Luvinya Always

Luvinya 008

Sister Luvinya Always

Big Sisters: Sisters KrisTall Mighty and Bimea Ferrari
Mother: Sister Eunice X

My Calling

I joined because the Sisters represent the absolute best qualities of a queer community which, as a result of the push to normativize gay culture, I see at risk of vanishing. I am part of a long, many-forked, and colorful history that I want to cultivate and preserve. I believe in the Sister’s call to universal acceptance and their dedication to philanthropic pursuits. I want to reduce shame and bolster the power in otherness.

My Ministry

I chose my name because I believe that it best represents the Sister’s pledge to “promulgate universal joy, love, and respect.” My name bears an optimism that I cherish, and it has helped to remind me of the joy that I have found so far in being a Sister.

Three Tenants and Five Ideals by which I pledge to live and practice

T1. To hold onto and spread joy to others (sometimes through corny jokes).
T2. To recognize and nurture the dignity of everyone regardless of their situation or identity.
T3. To support and encourage others, but to do so without losing sight of my ability lead.
Ideals: Happiness, Love, Community, Diversity, and Wisdom

What Does Being a Sister Mean to You?

Like grace, so
Undeserved; Soft, but quietly
Violent because
It changes you. This is my
Night charm, the lovely tinge
You feel when the great big world
Awakens you into it.

Awe at this universe, all those needle-point galaxies
Looping around,
Winding up like spinner tops–
And for what? Look closely:
You are a part. Yes, You are a

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