Lida Christ

Sister Lida Christ

Mistress Of Propaganda


Declared Aspirancy: 14th of June of 2013

Born in 82, reborn in 2013 Lida has always been a fierce believer in what is right and just. She came out at 14 as a freshman in High school and worked very hard to shed a light on diversity and equality. At 17 years of age Lida was escorted to prom with a same sex partner (a first in her high school). To be candid I am blessed to live in Massachusetts. It gave me the tools to be a proud and strong member of a vibrant community. I live every day honestly from kitsch to kink and I am proud of the relationship I have forged with my sisters over the past year. It is my mission to perpetuate honesty, promulgate love and respect, and to stand as a beacon in the shadow of the storm. I look forward to servicing my community in creative ways and growing as a being of light while supporting and lifting up those who need some levity.

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