Aria Inyette

Aria Inyette

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Born the first time:

Aria was first born a little Gemini lad in the year of the snake.  

Born again:

Aria was born from a cloud of glitter and sparkle in the living room of charming on-lookers. They strapped a brown sack schmatta on me and the process began!  

My family tree:

Mother – Sister Sandra Musique, I was the cyst popped from her liver, her very glittery liver.

Big Sisters – Sister Shiny Brite, are we seeing a pattern as to why I love sparkles so much?

Daughters/Little Sisters: As my name suggests, I do not know if they are inside but maybe one day I will notice if one falls out. That is a BIG maybe.

Aria’s Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence:

A very wise sister once detailed to me, “Darling! People are born perfect, just the way they should be. Guilt is this silly thing they learn along the way.” That struck me in such a way, it tickled my whole being. So many individuals need to be reminded that they are wonderful and beautiful the way they are and that they need to love themselves. Let go of the guilt and love.

That being said, I am a registered nurse in her secular life, public health is a pure passion of mine. The LGBTQ community has been plagued with so many stigmas related to sex and intimacy, I want to generate conversation with everyone to find out what makes us tick, spread some knowledge, and make decisions that best work for ourselves.  

Three tenets by which I hope to serve my community:

Tenet 1. Awareness/ Intuition – As a registered nurse, I carry a certain awareness for my patients and can sense “troubled waters.” I want to give that same sort of comfort and protection for my community as a sister.

Tenet 2. Education – I am fully dedicated to educating the public about health and resources they can utilize to promote their health. I will never stop learning and I will never stop spreading knowledge. As they say, “Knowledge is power.”

Tenet 3. Positivity – How can one dressed as a fabulous drag queen clown nun not be positive? The joy the Sisters can bring is remarkable and awing. I wish to bring nothing but light to those around me.

Some Ideals I have in my back pocket: Generosity, growth, perseverance, acceptance, humor

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