Nightingale Yogini

Saint “Nightingale Yogini” Alison Dwyer

Alison is an advanced practice Nurse (APRN) with Board Certification in Psychiatry. She has a deep resume, having been trained in the fields of medicine/nursing, education, psychology and alternative/ complementary care, including a fellowship in psychiatry with Harvard-Vanguard in Boston, owning and operating an integrative wellness center in RI, and teaching on the collegiate level. She is a skilled therapist trained in multiple forms of treatment including EMDR, CBT, Trauma, Depth Hypnosis, Inner Child and Family of Origin work, addiction and recovery, and spirituality. Alison carries a philosophy for healing that embraces the view that each person is unique and deserving of compassionate care that is based on the person’s goals and vision for health. Integrative healing involves the whole person- body, mind, spirit and the environment one lives and works in.

Author: Aria Inyette