Judy B Good

Sr. Judy B. Good took her vows as a fully professed sister on October 17, 2023. Her name comes from the drag term “good Judy” — A reference to Judy Garland — which describes a close friend, a trusted confidant, and a safe person. This is the overarching goal of Judy’s ministry, she aspires to be a good Judy to each and every person she meets, treating them with respect, kindness, and dignity. Each person has inherent human dignity and is meant to be experiencing connection and community with others. While her ministry had one overarching goal it takes a variety of forms. Judy especially enjoys performing and making people smile and laugh. You can often find her at drag shows, bingo, or cutting a rug on the dance floor! She also has a special spot in her glittery little heart for young people and enjoys engaging in work with young people and on college/university campuses. Judy has given several guest lectures as well as attended queer resource fairs at colleges/universities to connect with the youth and leaders of tomorrow. Judy is a supporter of our leather and kink community and can be found turning looks at events (when they are not past her bedtime or she has a red bull in hand).
If you see Judy out and about give her a “hey gurrrrrrrrrl,” a cocktail, and a follow on instagram: @judy.b.good

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing