Governor General Counsel Duke Czar Doctor Presibear

Saint Governor General Counsel Duke Czar Doctor Presibear

For many years, Shawn Mims has led Mass Bears and Cubs as the President of the Board. Through tireless efforts, they achieved a 10+ year dream of the original founders of the organization to become a registered 501c3 non-profit. Shawn has called upon the Sisters many times to collaborate for events like the yearly Bear Cruise and Mr. Boston Bear/Cub contest. Their organization runs a drive every year to donate coats to the homeless during the Winter. Additionally, Shawn has partnered with other organizations in the area such as My Brother’s Table to volunteer with people who may have never met LGBTQIA+ individuals previously. It is through this amazing work Shawn has touched many people’s lives in very significant ways. Shawn enjoys giving people he knows titles, so it was only appropriate that he be blessed and christened with many titles for his Sainting.

Author: Aria Inyette