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Michael Dominic the founder of KIKIpaedia

About KikiPedia

KikiPedia is created by a singular developer based in Boston, MA. Obviously, the focus is going to be on New England and now, is also populated Globally.

The initial concept was “like craigslist, but for gay bars”. Which we ran with until we realized the following:

The gay bar is an threatened species, the girl bar is an endangered species, and our trans siblings find it even harder to find safe, inclusive spaces these days.


Sometimes what people have been looking for has been under their nose the whole time.


Our goal is to help remedy this as best we can.


Let’s face it. A lot of LGBTQ+ spaces cannot advertise, aren’t good at advertising, or think they don’t need to worry about it. On top of that, managing the big 3 (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) on top of what is probably a 10+ year old template website is a nightmare. Especially when the social media sites are actively trying to suppress you.

On the other end of the spectrum, some LGBTQ+ spaces are unable to publicly advertise, or need to make their facades discreet for the safety of their patrons.


Mike wasted no time during the covid 19 crisis creating a page on his site for Artists, and

industry professionals in need of help.  This avenue linked many individuals up with resources that kept them solvent until unemployment kicked in.


Please go to the site and see for yourself all the good works that are going on there.


Mike also donated to date 5 hours of his time to help Boston Sisters and Sisters Without Borders figure out how to use zoom and sync up with online broadcasts.

The Sanfran collab event Passages would not have happened without his help.


To date there is also a function added to support our siblings of color and those who stand up to protect them.   He has added a “how to donate” function to the site to help users find their local bail fund.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing