AIDS Walk Boston 2014


On Sunday, June 1 2014, in the wee hours of the morning Sisters Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Rosetta Stone, Frieda B Fabulous, Sandra Musique, Novice Sisters Lida Christ, Gloria LeLuia, and Postulant DeCoda Apple abandoned their warm beds to manifest at the Convent for the Boston AIDS Walk. From their they traveled in two waves to the Esplanade to cheer on runners and walkers alike as they started their journey through Boston. Once the athletes and their supporters had left, the Sisters visited the local vendors and volunteers before making their way over to the finish line where they welcomed back the walkers. There were many pictures to be taken, naps to be attempted (until KTM was so rudely attacked by tushes), and much joy.

Here endeth the lesson.

Author: Webmaster