ASC–Indulge Fundraiser

Dearest Sisters, Guard, and Supporters,

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, Sr. Teresa Glass (FPM Sponsor) with NvSrs. Hellen Damnation (Point Novice) and Penelope Crude gathered for facing at Worcester Wimple Wonderland prior to departing via private vehicle to Arlington Street Church, where the Sisters played Hostesses for ASC’s 8th Annual Indulge Fundraiser–Indulge. *Indulge is the ASC’s main fundraiser for the Church’s outreach activities–examples of funded efforts include supporting ASC member participation in refugee relief efforts, sponsoring ASC member participation and fundraising for Boston Marathon runs, and ASC partnering with a Dorchester church that throws a big holiday party and provides gifts to lower-income families–including parents.
Upon arrival at the ASC, Teresa and Hellen were briefed by Saint Good for Gays, Art Nava–a coordinator for the evening–and ASC Senior Minister, Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie. We dined with the event volunteers; we then proceeded to the main entrance to greet attendees. The smiles, hugs and kind words exchanged brought warmth and light to an otherwise cold and rainy evening.
Throughout the night, Sisters helped usher people from the VIP Skylounge to the terminals for dinner and entertainment, sold raffle tickets, encouraged participation in the silent auction, and helped identify donors for the evening’s “ask.”
Our contact with the event–Sarah Madey–had this to say about BSPI’s participation in the this event. “The real thanks is owed to you. You helped bring new energy and life to this event – I heard time and again last night how wonderful it was to have you there. Even an early read from last night hints to this being one of our most successful fundraising efforts in the 8-ish years the event’s been running. You are a part of that success!”
A Facebook video was posted at the beginning of the evening with photos following.
We’ve been asked to consider supporting future ASC initiatives–more to follow. Suffice to say, our impact was memorable; we’ve helped bridge the Sisters with another new community.
Following the event, all withdrew quietly to WWW to demanifest and enjoy the rest of our evenings.
Yours in love and light,
NvSr. Hellen Damnation

Author: Webmaster