Big Thrifty

On Saturday, May 5, 2014 Sisters Frieda B Fabulous, Sandra Musique, Novice Sisters Tori d’Affair and Gloria LeLuia arrived in Malden for The Big Thrifty! Upon arriving the organizer for the event started to cry because she was so touched and honored that we would volunteer for her fundraising event, benefiting Impact Boston. The Big Thrifty is a celebration of life for plus-sized individuals who can’t always find clothing that is attractive in their sizes. There was some amazing stuff and Sister Sandra walked away with a wedding dress as did Novice Sister Gloria. The Sisters greeted people as they came into the event space as well as welcoming them into the clothes rooms. We took pictures with people and helped wherever we could and just reminded everyone they were beautiful and had worth. It was a very meaningful event and I hope we are able to participate next year.

Author: Webmaster