Drag Bingo Benefiting Boston Children’s Hospital

On Monday, February 11 Sisters Rosetta Stone, Eunice X, Kristall Mighty, Sandra Musique and Postulants Rachel Equality and Penny Drive joined Constance Waverly at Club Cafe for the monthly charity Drag Bingo. Our charity this month was Children’s Hospital. We knew that with RuPaul’s Drag Race bingo would be a little short so Constance graciously offered to make all of the rounds before RuPaul be charity rounds. We also decided to have a raffle to bolster the bingo card sales and the prize was 2 tickets to the Fenway Men’s Event to sit at the Sister’s table. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the turn out, given the piles of snow around Boston, we had almost every seat in the main room of Club Cafe occupied. What was even more amazing was that we had our second highest Bingo night since we started doing charity bingo, $1,056! This included $70 in Square sales as well as Eunice and Rachel’s trip over to Geoffrey’s during Drag Race to ask for donations. This brings the grand total for bingo over $13,000. Good work, everyone!

Author: Webmaster