Drag Bingo – Community Servings

On Monday, November 11, 2013, Sisters Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Rosetta Stone, Ima Miracle, Sandra Musique, Novice Sister Tori d’Affair, Postulant Gloria LeLuia, and Aspirant Agnes Day descended upon the ever-tolerant Constance “Saint B9” Waverly for Drag Bingo. This month’s charity was Community Servings. The Sisters and Constance were joined by two lovely ladies from Community Servings who were bedecked in pie hats and were there to sell pies to the masses. We had many pie-themed prizes including the very popular Pie Hole.

It was a fairly busy night and the Sisters were able to raise over $600 in bingo card sales. The breakdown of numbers are as follows:

Cash/Cards – $601
Pie sold at Event – $350
Pie sold on Sisters Pie Seller’s page – $275

Total – $1,226

Bringing our Bingo total to-date to nearly $25,000!

On a side note, not to be put in the archives, I can’t tell you all (Sisters, Saints, and supporters) how immensely proud I am of the work we do at Bingo. When Constance told me she was going to start a drag bingo 2.5 years ago and asked if the Sisters would a charity night I never thought it would blossom into this amazing, ongoing event. I’d love to take credit for its success but I just happened to be the nun who took point on that first event. If it hadn’t been for the generosity of Constance and Club Cafe to open their doors to us, the hard work of EVERYONE in the Convent who have helped bring in prizes, shake customers for every last dime, and the countless others who come every week to show support this event wouldn’t happen. I’m very thankful to all of you.

Author: Webmaster