Epic Saturday at House of Blues

photo courtesy of Chris Harris presents

On Saturday, January 18, Sr Ima Miracle, Pst Lida Christ and Pst Agnes Day manifested at Ima’s place and proceeded to Epic Saturday at House of Blues.

And though we only raised $5 for the penny drive for “Provincetown in the Age of AIDS”/Provincetown Community Compact tonight.. tonight we focused on bar ministry and condom distribution.  We met a ton of people tonight.. and I know I had a bunch of “sister moments” starting with the deaf couple that knew the Sisters from L.A. and said that now that they’d seen us they felt like they were both safe and home.. to the two guys who I met and blessed the ‘whatever was going on here’ only for one of em to come find me later in the night, thanking me for the blessing and saying they had a date planned for tomorrow.. and there are other stories from tonight.

We did really great ministry tonight.. and I’d love to see the Sisters return to House Of Blues on a Saturday.

Chris Harris spotted us in line.. and comped us too.  We need to reach out to him to thank him, and ask about making that a semi regular thing.  Cus yes.

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