GLAD Spirit of Justice Awards

Dear Sisters,

On Friday, October 24, 2012, Point Nun Eunice X was joined by Sisters Sandra Musique and KrisTall Mighty for communal facing at The Convent. Saints Best Buy and Mega Pixel were also in attendance, as well as well wishers Vizsla Sasha and Boxer Tigga. At 5:00 PM, the three Sisters and Saint Mega ventured forth through the cavernous mazes of the Prudential Center Shops, where we were met with extraordinary enthusiasm and requests for photographs. We also stopped in to say hi to our newest would-be Aspirant Shawn, who was working at his tea shop.

We arrived at the Marriott right on time at 5:30 PM, settled in for the VIP reception at 6:00, and worked our magic for the first hour by simply bringing love and glitter to the group of major donors who paid enough to get free drinks for an hour. They were friendly and happy for the attention, but this year we found no political celebrities to corner (awe!).

After moving the throng up the escalator and into the dining room, we took a short dinner break and then assisted with the matching fundraising request where the organizers tried to get the crowd to spontaneously contribute $50K to match a large donor challenge. Instead, they apparently raised $150K, to total around $200K in all – just from that exercise. Damn!

We stayed for the award speech and then said our goodbyes to most of the guests as they headed for the down escalator. It was an easy night for us, and we seemed to be well appreciated by the organizers, the other volunteers, and the guests.

Author: Webmaster