Harbor to the Bay

In the ridiculously early morning hours of Saturday, September 15, 2012, Boston Sisters Eunice X and KrisTall Mighty were joined by San Francisco Sister Jane D’oh (also KTM’s Big Sister) for a 3:00 AM facing and the 5:00 PM call time at Copley Square. We were on time!

The cyclists rolled out at 6:30 AM for Provincetown, and we jumped into the Nun Bus (rechristened as DRAG SAG 2, whereas Constance Waverley and Trampolina comprised DRAG SAG 1) bound for Pit Stop 1. We cheered in most of the riders, and it was on to Pit Stop 2, where we stayed out in the rain and welcomed in the very last rider of the bunch. We next hit Pit Stop 4 (lunch!), and again brought in nearly the last of the bunch before racing to Pit Stop 6 to clang and clink and hoot in the very tail of the rolling heros.

On our way to Pit Stop 9, we were call back to Pit Stop 7 to SAG forward three sweet riders who were just a little too slow and would not have been able to finish the route. We delivered them to our originally intended Pit Stop 9, rode on to freshen up, and then led the cyclists into the heart of PTown for the closing ceremonies and after-party at The Boat Slip!

It was a brutally long day, filled with sweat and tears and sore muscles and smeared makeup. And so hats off to all of the riders who raised $450,000 for their trouble in a zero overhead fundraiser – just like we love to do. Compared to their trials and tribulations, we had it easy. And even so they were so sweet and grateful for our support.

So nothing to complain about and thinking we should return in greater numbers next year with some Nuns cycling in face as well.


Author: Webmaster