HRC Gala

IMG_4020On Saturday, November 7, Sisters Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, and Luvinya Always, as well as Novice Guard Ian Knight met at the Convent for communal facing. We made our way through the Prudential Mall to the Weston and immediately got to work, meeting and greetings guests. We visited the VIP lounge only briefly before it was time to ‘gently’ encourage the patrons to step away from the bar and snacks to make their way up to the main floor featuring the silent auction.

Once the ballroom was opened we further encouraged the guests to find their tables and take their seats. We assisted with their request for Federal Club membership donations, as well as the live auction. After taking a short break ourselves we remained just a little bit longer before making our way back to The Convent to deface and disperse for the evening.

The guests were as beautiful and handsome as they could have been, the organizers were very kind and grateful, and the venue staff were quite friendly (and apparently intrigued by Sisters). Overall we were well received.

Author: Webmaster