Joyful Noise

On August 1 Lida Christ woke up, nervously made breakfast and waited for her friend to come get her in his car. She was escorted to Club Oberon a Black Box theatre operated by American Repertory Theatre where she unpacked and set up the dressing rooms. Sister Glitter and Sisterly paraphernalia where affixed to the walls and spread across the tables, and costumes where hung up. Throughout the day Sisters and Talent came and went, numbers where rehearsed, mic levels where checked, and lighting cues where programmed.

At 7:00pm a sister glitter centering moment was held in the middle of the Theatre and Lida expressed her gratitude to the artists, staff, and sisters.

At 8:10pm the curtain went up and the train left the station. At 10:10 the curtain came down and the audience, sisters, and staff where blown away with the show.

Lida Christ was no privy to a special vote and was surprised elevated to FPM at the closing of the event.

The project grossed

~4711.76 PAYPAL to the website has not come in yet.

When combined with WORSHIP! The total 2014 grant fund is 5672.77 (paypal outstanding)

At 10pm we hoofed it over to Club Café where we had an after party and ministry of presence.

The event was 110% success exposing the sisters to a new market, and upping the level of expectation from the community

In attendance where Sisters Dearest Caught In the Headlights, Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Rosetta Stone, Frieda B Fabulous, Gloria Leluia, Tori D’Affair, Ima Miracle, Novice Sisters Lida Christ, and Luvina Always, Postulant Decoda apple, Aspriant Rebekah, and Shiny Brite.

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