LGBT Senior Coalition Pride Dance

Dear Sisters,

Sunday, June 2nd was a very busy day for the Boston Sisters!

Sister Sandra Musique can provide an account of our participation in the AIDS Walk Boston, so suffice it to begin by saying that Point Nun Sister Eunice, along with Sister KrisTall Mighty, Novice Sisters Frieda B. Fabulous and Rachael Equality, and Rachael’s friend and soon-to-be-conscripted volunteer Justin, made their way from cheering at the AIDS Walk finish line back to the Convent. We were soon thereafter met by Sisters Rosetta Stone and Ima Miracle, along with Novice Sister Penny Drive. Those not yet in-face became in-face, and NSr. Rachael decided she needed something to do with her time so she switched her blue morning face for a pink afternoon one. St. Mega Pixel came back from the AIDS Walk with Sisters Sandra and Pure Elle, and we were ready for our massive group photo.

Then, the entire group absent Srs. Sandra and Pure made our way to the Holiday Inn in Brookline for an on-time arrival at the GLBT Senior Coallition Pride Dance. Shortly after we arrived, we began selling raffle tickets for a number of prizes. Everyone worked at this, but I have to say that Sister KrisTall really took the lead. For the raffle, we came in with $950, an amount 5 to 10 times greater than our hosts were expecting. We also auctioned off a Sister Make-Over on stage for an additional $100. Novice Sisters Rachael and Frieda actually did the make-over and boy-howdy did that come out spectacularly well. Honorary Sister Deee Vah never looked so amazing!

Throughout the afternoon, Sisters Eunice and Ima were sharing the mic and keeping things rolling, including hosting a disco costume contest. And our photodocumentarian Meg was right there to capture it all.

All in all we were very well received by this important portion of our community that we had before now had too little engagement with. We told our story, helped raised some good cash for the sponsoring organizations, and may even have found some new Sister recruits (we shall see!).

And there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice

Author: Webmaster