North Shore Pride 2014

In the early hours of the morning, Sister Sandra Musique, Sister Frieda F Fabulous, and Novice Gloria LeLuia met at Sandra’s house to begin manifesting. Meanwhile, Sister Eunice X, Sister KrisTall Mighty, Novice Tori D’Affair, Novice Lida Christ, and Postulant DeCoda Apple manifested at The Convent. While each Sister was given free range of their face makeup, it was decided at last week’s business meeting that each member of the group would wear an all-white ensemble along with a white wimple and veil. The resulting look of all eight members was stunning and striking.

After all nuns were looking glittery and gorgeous, they piled into two cars and began their drive Northward toward Salem, Massachusetts for this year’s North Shore Pride parade and festival. Once there, the Sisters registered for the parade and met up with Altered-Girl Nonye and Saint Meg-a-Pixel. The Sisters took this time before the parade to mingle with other marchers and spectators.

Ten minutes before the parade was to begin, The Sisters called Gigi Gill over to speak with them. The Sisters surrounded Gigi and presented her with a certificate naming her “Saint Salem Lights” of the Boston Sisters in honor of all the work she has done in Massachusetts’ North Shore region for LGBT causes, including creating the North Shore Pride parade and festival three years ago. Saint Salem Lights was touched by the honor and graciously took her certificate and thanked The Sisters for brightening her day and being a great partner for her.

After the Sainting ceremony, The Sisters took their places for the parade and marched. The crowd was loud and proud that day and the parade seemed more heavily attended than the previous year. At the end of the parade route was Salem Common where the Pride festival was occurring. The festival had music playing from the gazebo, tents set up with volunteer groups and wares for sale, and a delightful photo booth where a few of the Sisters had commemorative photo strips taken. The Sisters also took this opportunity to have photographs taken by Saint Meg-a-Pixel alongside their banner.

The Sisters stuck around the festival and mingled with attendees for about an hour before Eunice and KrisTall had to leave to attend a graduation party and Sandra and Frieda had to leave for a wedding reception. And so, another gorgeous day in Salem came to a close and the nuns piled back into their respective cars on their way back home to Boston.

And there was much rejoicing.
–Novice Gloria LeLuia

Author: Webmaster