North Shore Pride

Greetings Dear Sisters & Supporters!
     On Saturday, June 23, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sister Teresa Glass and Aspirant Paul.  We were soon thereafter met by Sister Hellen Damnation, and we the foursome braved the not-so-unexpected traffic jam between Boston and Salem, MA.  There we were met at the parade line-up by Sister Heidi Sins, and then also as the parade was getting underway by Sister Sandra Musique. By the end of the parade, we had also picked up Sister Shiny Bright, Guard Ian Knight, and Novice Sister Angie O’Plasty – and at last we had a full superfluity of nuns!
     As we reached the Salem Commons we immediately located the fundamentalist preacher, who as in every year previous was equipped with a P.A. system and a passionate heart for his cause.  He set about shouting at the crowds of people who came to support inclusion by celebrating GLBT rights, explaining that if we were “homos” or otherwise supported the sins therein, that when it came time to kneel before God we would be banished to a painful and fiery stay in hell for all of eternity.  He was kind enough to explain that while he hated our sins, he loved us sinners.  The Sisters, also as we have done in every year previous, formed a human wall of silence around the preacher, facing outward toward those we came to protect and serve.  And this year, we had the added fashion benefit of angel wings to further obscure the source of judgment against us all.
     After a time, the crowd around the preacher dissipated toward the rest of the festivities and we took our leave as well to check out the goings on.  We then retired to the Hawthorne Hotel for a delightful “Last Lunch” at Nathaniel’s restaurant, wherein the hotel staff treated us like queens and saviors.
And there was much rejoicing!
Much love and respect,
Sister Eunice X

Author: May