On Sunday March 11th, 2018, Sisters manifested in various safe and comfortable spaces, and made their way to Club Cafe around 10am (after the Men’s Event and daylight savings time no less!). Sisters went to work decorating the room with fabulous decorations, trinkets, and noicemakers on the tables and blowing up Sister balloons. Other nuns prepared the backstage area for the performers, and set up the hostess stand for an on-time and enthusiastic welcome to the Nunch goers.
At 11am, Sisters Shiny Brite, Heidi Sins, Grace A’Gawd and Nv Sr Harrie Magdalene welcomed the 2017 grant recipients, performers, and the eager public at the door. Nunch 2018 was a sold-out success! 10 minutes after opening to the public, walk-in tickets were standing room only! A grand total of 110 tickets were sold. A big thank you to every Sister, grant recipient, and performer that promoted the show, and a special thank you to our Mistress of Propaganda, Sister Hellen Damnation, for all her work on promotion.
Once inside, guests were greeted by Sisters Eunice X, Lida Christ, Guard Ian Knight, Postulant Bee Big, and Aspirant Lex/Sally. A 50/50 was managed by Sister Lida Christ and Postulant Bee Big, and Nunch-goers interacted with the remaining Sisters inside the space before getting in line to enjoy a delicious brunch provided by Club Cafe.
Behind the scenes, Stage Managers Sister Teresa Glass and Nv Sr May Flower expertly handled some last minute adjustments for an on-time and smooth start to the show. They were aided by a fantastic duo of stage runners: Postulants Gina and Pax Ramona.
Around 11:30am, Sister Grace A’Gawd took the stage to provide a welcome address which explained the purpose of Nunch and the Community Grants program, the Sisters and our mission, and prepared everyone for the outstanding show to come. Sisters Sandra Musique and Rosetta Stone took over as Emcees and kept the audience laughing with their trademark humor and charisma.
The entertainment portion of Nunch could not have been better. A total of 16 artists performed, and the spectrum of talent ranged from live singing by singer/song-writers, to drag performers, to a comedian. Even a few of our Sisters performed (and killed it!): Sisters Lida Christ and Teresa Glass closed the show with a spirited duet and Nv Sr Esther O’Gen performed two impressively aerobic numbers to empowering music.
To honor the grant recipients, Sister Grace A’Gawd introduced each organization and asked them up on stage, and Nv Sr Harrie Magdalene presented them with the Big Check to great applause. Saint Mega-Pixel was there to capture the moments with her incredible photography skills. Seven organizations received crucial and well deserved grant funds, and a total of $5,250 was awarded. Each organization had a chance to explain to the audience who they were and why their work is so important.
After Nonye Brown-West’s performance, Sisters Sandra Musique and Rosetta Stone officially, and very sweetly, sainted her Saint Nonye, the Saint of Perpetual Laughter as she was surrounded by many adoring Sisters on stage. She was bestowed a white sash made by former Sister Gloria LeLeuia.
At the close of the show, the 50/50 raffle was drawn and Susan Coviello from the North Shore Health Project (a grant recipient) won $400. She graciously donated the money back to the grant fund program to a great round of applause.
After, Sisters Sandra Musique, Rosetta Stone, and Grace A’Gawd thanked the audience for coming out, the grant recipients for the work they do, the performers and DJ, and the staff at Club Cafe. Grace encouraged people to reach out to the Sisters to apply for a grant, or inquire more about who we are and/or ways to partner.
Once the show was officially closed, several grant recipients and appreciative audience members approached the Sisters on stage and outside of the performance space to say thank you and provide positive feedback.
Sisters then quickly got to work cleaning up the room, and Sisters Shiny, Grace, and Lida counted the money. Nunch raised a total of $3,414.96 for the new grant fund cycle!!! Sisters responsibly check-out with Grace and headed on their merry way knowing that they were part of a very successful, meaningful, fabulous, and fun event.

Author: May