Penny Drive Benefiting Harbor to the Bay

On Saturday, August 9th, Sister Freida, Sister Gloria, Sister Tori, Novice Sister Luvinya, Aspirant Shiny, and Aspirant Angela joined volunteers Diana and Darius to raise money for Harbor to the Bay. 

The nuns left the convent shortly after 6pm and walked around Boylston Street until 8pm. The weather was lovely, but overall Boylston was not very busy. The Sisters had dinner at Club Cafe and enjoyed the generosity of the patrons there. After Club Cafe, the Sisters voted to try out Cathedral Station. Being our first penny drive at the new space, we were unsure what to expect. Ultimately, this was a great decision, and we should definitely make an effort to visit there more often. The managers were happy to see the nuns, and the crowd gave readily to our cause. We raised the bulk of our money in the last hour or two of our drive. 

We returned to the convent around midnight and were pleased to see that we had met our goal by raising $505.

Author: Webmaster