Penny Drive Benefiting Little Brothers

penny drive benefiting little brothers

Point Nun: Postulant Luvinya Always, supervised by Sister Sandra Musique
Attendance: Sisters Sandra Musique, Frieda B. Fabulous, Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty. Novice Sisters Lida Christ, Tori d’affair. Postulant Sister Luvinya Always. Volunteers Dakota Apple and Saint Meg a Pixel.

On Feb 1st, we held a penny drive for Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. By the end of the night, we raised a total of $900.35. This money will go towards their Valentine’s Day dinner serving 125+ senior citizens in Jamaica Plains.
We manifested at the convent from 3pm-5:15pm, leaving shortly thereafter to penny drive on Boylston Street near the Apple Store and Prudential Mall. The weather was chilly, and many of the nuns felt underdressed for the climate. Due to the temperature, it was difficult to convince passersby to pause and make a contribution.

We continued the penny drive at Club Café at around 7pm and were happily received by the patrons there, as usual. At around 8pm, we moved next door to eat at Back Bay Harry’s, wherein we ate dinner and followed up on our request to fundraise there. I definitely believe that taking a break for dinner helped maintain a positive and energetic tone throughout the night. The staff at the restaurant enjoyed our company and I believe that we will be allowed to fundraise there soon if we persistently reinforce these impressions. Unfortunately, someone stole Lida’s purse from underneath her chair; although Lida was able to recover the purse from a kind stranger sometime the next day, this experience should serve as a reminder to all of us to keep a more vigilant eye on our belongings. Following Back Bay Harry’s, we returned to Club Café at around 9pm and moved over to the Eagle by around 10. Both of these crowds were friendly, and at around 11pm we had raised well over 600 dollars. I think double-dipping at Club Café was a smart idea that we should repeat in the future.

At this point, Lida, Eunice, Luvinya, and Tori continued on to Paradise, arriving just before midnight. Although we were only there for about an hour, we raised an additional $200 towards our goal. While our fundraising and safer sex ministry there was very successful, I also believe that this was a highly impactful ministry of presence. The patrons at the club ADORED us, and many felt genuinely excited to hear about our work. Because of the impression we made on the clubgoes and staff, I strongly recommend that we prioritize ministries of presence at Paradise in the upcoming future until we have solidified this nascent relationship.

Author: Webmaster