Penny Drive & Photo Shoot

Dearest Sisters,

On Saturday, March 1, Point Nun Sister Eunice was joined at The Convent by Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Musique, Rosetta Stone, and Adora Penthouse View (San Francisco House), Novice Sisters Tori d’Affair, Gloria Lelulia, and Luvinya Always, Postulant Agnes Dei, and Aspirant Decoda Apple for communal facing.  We were joined shortly thereafter by Novice Sister Lida Christ, along with Saint Mega Pixel and her capable (and beautiful) photography colleague Todd.

For the photo shoot, Rosetta played capable art director to Sisters and rugby player guests, the Valkyries (Alex the cute cop, Luciano the cute physician, Sam the cute project manager for a marketing firm, and Tim the cute quality control expert).  After two hours of shooting and shooting and shooting, we were all quite spent, and it was time to hit the streets.

The beneficiary for the penny drive portion of the evening was Fenway Health, and it was cold, cold, cold!  We worked the streets and met some very fun and Nun-curious people, including Dan, a parking valet for the Mandarin, and Asia, a remarkable woman with a beautiful smile.  We had a dinner break at Back Bay Harry’s, and then made our way through the generous throngs at Club Cafe and The Eagle.  Afterwards, we split off a group of four to take donations from the rather cold (and none-to-happy about waiting outside) patrons in line for The Alley, in advance of their Underbear Party evening).

All together we raised ~ $474.85 and change, plus a 5 Euro bill (woo hoo!).

Everyone had fun, everyone was safe, the crowds were generous, and there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,

Sister Eunice X

Author: Webmaster