Point Nun Report: 20 Years of Freedom to Marry 5/17/24

Sister Lida Christ, Sister Judy B Good and Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing (me!) descended on the Arlington St Church this past Friday for a celebration of 20 years of marriage equality in Massachusetts.

The three of were positioned on the front steps to yell joyously at tourists and greet people as they entered. And what an amazing group entered. The event was sponsored by the Arlington Street Church, GLAD, The History project, Centerline Liberties and Mass Equality. Representatives from each were on hand, but so were people who fought for our rights to marry from activists, to politicians and plaintiffs. There were numerous moving speeches and I personally bawled my eyes up like I was fifteen minutes into a Pixar movie.

Please join us, as we continue to celebrate and fight for the right to marriage equality.


@20th Anniversary Celebration
@20th Anniversary Celebration

Author: Betty Esem