Point Nun Report: Big Gay Barbie Takeover and Sainting 7/30

Sr Ima Miracle, Sr Br Freddie Anne Willing and Novice Sr Judy B. Good of The Boston Sisters were honored to attend the Big Gay Barbie Takeover hosted by Onyx Reigns & Steven LaFond. Before the Movie, the queer community of NH came together to break bread, have a few cocktails, watch a drag show and celebrate their own Kenergy.

Originally Journee asked Sr Ima if she could perform at the event, however, the Sisters saw an opportunity to Saint someone who does *amazing* work for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC Queer & Gaming communities through booking events, bringing Capital City Pride back to NH, and running a recurring convention called Decolonize & Discover which centers BIPOC voices and experiences in the gaming community.  After Journee aka Onyx performed two miracles by walking on water and parting the red C’s we bestowed Sainthood upon her.

Forever be it known that Journee LaFond aka Onyx Reigns is to be recognized as The Saint of the Onyx Journey.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing