Point Nun Report: Campus Thursdays at ManRay 3/9

On Thursday the 9th, Abbess Sister Lida Christ, Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing and Novice Sister Judy B Good stormed the new ManRay in Central Square. There was much dancing, we made some new friends, and by request we blessed the space. Thanks to Boudoir for the invite and the tunes.

Afterwards Lida and Freddie blessed a pizza.

A Blessing for ManRay:

We bless this space that it may keep all within it safe.
May those who come here find joy.
May you know drink and dance, friendship and love.
May you never be made to feel guilty for being your whole self.
May you grasp the knowledge that you are sexy, because you are. I mean look at you. You’re so sexy.
May the haters go spend their time elsewhere.
May you you know freedom.
May you have things done to you, and may you do unto others, always with consent.
May you love yourself, as we love you.
May you find home within these walls.
May the walls stand long and strong.
Creative attire encouraged. We bless thee.
Amen, Awomen, A-everything in between, outside and fluid

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing