Point Nun Report: Dungeons and Drag Nuns Present Monsterhearts 2 -10/22

Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing and Novice Sister Betty Esem arrived at the Castle in Beverly early to manifest in their new space behind the secret bookcase door. We were able to set up a camera test run of Betty’s equipment and soon we were handing out stickers, spreading joy and selling raffle tickets to win a copy of the game signed by the cast.

We were soon joined by Zoe Dela-Lu Ho, Zeizar Zalad and Buster Pants. Thus we began the entertaining tale of Serena the Vampire, Crow the Fae, Zack the Werewolf and Scott the mortal as they endeavoured to find love and attend an illegal dance in the old shoe factory. It ended as all stories do: with love, heartbreak, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

With the generosity of the audience we were able to raise $580 for Root Culinary.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing