Point Nun Report: New England Leather 11/17/2023

On the evening of november 17th, Sr Stella Tension-Hor and Novice Betty Essem caravaned down to Provincetown for NEL. We arrived around 7:30 pm, got into Mish face and joined the dining room for dinner and instructions for the weekend. Turned out it was selling raffle tickets. We were also asked to bless both the start of the weekend and an armband for the competition. First night we gave the Orgy Blessing while reminding the room that outfits are not consent; the room loudly agreed. Bar ministry then ensued.

Saturday, we attended a beer blast at Provincetown Brewing company in our boy drag. Beforehand was a lunch at which we sold our raffle tickets.
Saturday night, for the competition we worked both the door and coat check positions until the competition was about to be underway. At which time we went backstage to speak to the contestants and put the first energy into the armband. Stella read the Sisters’ Gasping Prayer as the contestants all held the armband with both sisters. One of the contestants being hearing impared, Betty suggested letting them read the text.
Afterwards, we both anointed the armband onstage to begin the competition. The jockstrap with which we anointed the armband was carried as a popper-scented censor for the rest of the night. After the competition, the armband was presented to the winner and bar ministry ensued.
Sunday was, frankly, coasting as there was only the brunch and the raffle drawing.
Altogether, a great experience and a good way to see Provincetown for the first time.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing