Point Nun Report – Tri-town Pride 6/4

Brother Gary Cruter and Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing braved the wilderness of Topsfield for a spirited celebration where three local towns united in Pride. It’s possible that Freddie got the time wrong and we were there an hour early, but thank goodness she was because the Sisters got to visit Zumi’s Espresso which was very cool and clearly a community supporter.

We met with many local drag performers including Miz Diamond Wigfall, Buster Pants and Maxine Harrison (all pictured). We also were reunited with Dungeons and Drag Nuns superstar Boston Trophy Wife.

The crowd was fierce and gleeful in spite of the occasional shower. We marched in a parade and then met with the community in Topsfield Common for story time, songs and other proud merriment.

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing