Sainting of Michael Flowers

On Friday, January 25, 2013 Sisters Sandra Musique and Eunice X traveled to the Alley to Saint the ever-lovely Michael Flowers. Michael was there for his 80’s glam punk night, Bollox, and looking fierce. The Sisters have known Michael for a couple of years and have watched him grow from a somewhat shy, afro-sporting kink enthusiast to a trailblazer at Occupy Boston to the alternative, gender-bending punk god he is today. We knew when we met him he’d be tied to the Sisters (both figuratively and literally). Since the Sisters had only about 30 seconds on the mic, Sandra took the microphone while Eunice administered the miracle. Saint Flowers the Revolutionary’s miracle was to make a very generous shot of Jack Daniels disappear which he did without any prompting.

It was a great crowd, an amazing energy, and for the two hours we were there we had numerous deep conversations about the Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence. Amen. Awomen, Aalltherestofus.

Author: Webmaster