School One Fundraising

On April 30, 2011 NvSr Rosetta Stone, NvSr Ana DeCros, Postulant Sandra Musique and Aspirant KlondDyke Barr manifested for a Penny Drive for School 1 as well as Bar Ministry to promote the May 15 Cleaning Comm Ave event. They met up at Sandra’s house where the glitter, feathers and false lashes flew. They started in the South End, stopping by The Beehive, but it was the middle of the dinner service, so the Sisters moved on to Fritz. There we were welcomed by a number of patrons who knew of the Sisters.

After an hour or so, the Sisters moved on to Club Cafe where they met a number of birthday boys and and a bride-to-be. A number of people wanted to take pictures with the Sisters so they put aside their usually demure nature and posed for pictures. It was also discovered that Sandra is knowledgeable in the magic arts: give her an alcoholic beverage and she’ll make it disappear.

After Club Cafe the Sisters went to the Alley where they finished the evening. They met a Far Flung Nun from Iowa, Sister Chicky Chicky Bang Bang. They invited her to manifest with the Boston Sisters at the May 15 event. After a lovely evening, the Sisters returned to Sandra’s house to tally the donations. They raised just over $100 for School 1.

Author: Webmaster