Sister Bingo for Community Servings

On Monday, 11/11/19, Sister Rosetta arrived at Club Café to be greeted by Sister Gloria Leluia, Sister Sandra Musique, Guard Isaiah Prayer, Postulant David, our bingo host, Mizery, and in secular form, Sister Grace O’Gawd and Sister Lida Christ.   Stephanie from Community Servings arrived not long afterward and set up a table near the bingo table to help those wanting to buy their holiday pies.


Bingo kicked off on time, with Isaiah and David canvassing the room and selling bingo cards.  Stephanie put pie slices out at her table, and the audience was invited to come visit Stephanie and sample her pie.


The evening, tho starting slow, built up and we raised a total of $821 in bingo proceeds ($726 cash, $95 credit cards before fees), which included some donations in exchange for a Sister prayer candle.  Prizes were well received, especially when we exhausted the prayer candles during a game of “10 for 10 at 10”


Joyfully Submitted,


Sr Rosetta Stone

Author: May