Toys for Joys

On a very balmy Saturday evening, December 14th, 2019, Sisters Heidi and Angie, were joined by Guard Isaiah and Postulants David and Len for communal manifestation at Heidi’s Hole(not my choice of a name for my humble abode… Sandra gets full {dubious} credit for this one!)

At 6 PM we all piled into a Lyft and headed to the Artist’s for Humanity Epicenter in South Boston, for an early arrival at the 11th Season Toys for Joys Gala. After meeting/introductions with the Organizers, we posed for a few pre-event pictures, and then took our spot at the entrance to welcome and thank attendees for coming and participating.  With all the other events going on in the city the same evening – Celine Dion at the TD Garden, and Mariah Carey at the Wang, to name a couple – initially the attendance was a bit low, however, once the concerts let out, many more people joined the festivities.

Throughout the evening, all of us had multiple opportunities to interact with attendees and give elevator speeches – MASSIVE shout out to Postulants David and Len for acing their elevator speeches!  As the night progressed, the Sisters started to shake their tail feathers on the dance floor to the beats of DJ Stevie Psyclone – he had an amazing set filled with a choice selection of gay- and drag anthems, souped-up Christmas tunes, and other popular dance tunes – the dance floor was hopping!

During one of the “outside” sessions to cool down from dancing, one of the lead Volunteers were gushing over the Sisters, our commitment to volunteering, and for the contributions to Toys for Joys at the previous year’s event – the one where we stepped in and took over the check-in process, when the T4J’s volunteers did not show up.  Throughout the rest of the evening, him, and James and Harry (founders of T4J’s) brought it up EVERY time they saw us – I kinda get the feeling that they really appreciate our efforts, then and now…

After some more dancing, pictures, interactions, spreading love and joy, and just flat-out enjoying the festivities, the Sisters said their goodbyes at 11:30 PM, and returned to Dorchester for demanifestation.

A FABULOUS night was had by all!

Thank you to T4J’s for allowing the Sisters to be a part of your amazing event that does so much good for people that are less privileged than us.  We are so proud to be associated with you!

Happy Holidays!


Heidi xoxoxo

Author: May