Trans Day of Remembrance

On Sunday, November 23rd Sisters Eunice X, Sandra Musique, Gloria LeLuia and Tori D’Affair met at the Convent to manifest for the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR). After manifesting, the Sisters took the MBTA from Back Bay into Harvard Square where they had a chance to minister to the many inquiring glances and questions about who the Sisters are. Once we arrived at University Lutheran Church the Sisters got busy welcoming guests and showing support for the Transgender community. The Sisters listened to the talks for a while then began lighting the candles for the vigil with the help of Saint Meg-a-Pixel. Once the vigil began the Sisters handed out candles and helped people cross the street safely.

The Sisters stayed for a little while to chat after the event ended but made sure not to be intrusive.

Author: Webmaster