Tropicaliente benefiting The Hurley School

Friday May 8th 2015

Sisters Sandra Musique, Lida Christ, Eunice X, and KrisTall Mighty, Novice Angela Merci, Postulants Grace A’Gawd and Devin, Saint Meg-a-Pixel Birnbaum, and volunteer Joseph Shapiro descended like the plague on to the Hurley School fundraising event.

We facilitated the raffle sales through funding commitments for several major prize packages.  We sold thousands of dollars worth of funding raffle tickets and Sister Eunice joined the MC band leader on the stage to draw the lucky winners.

We continued our participation and fun with the crowd with serving foods, drinks, and clean up. We danced the night away and partied with our hostess Amy and her husband Ethan.  So many “regulars” were so excited to see us again.  Many were disappointed and missed our Sister Rosie and her “beautiful” eyes.  (Especially the manager of the Mexican Caterer.)

The total raised has not been shared as of today, but we have been invited back again for next year and a possible mid year event.

SO much love and appreciation has been extended to us from the promoters, the staff, the parents and the friends of the Hurley School.

We left about 12am and stopped at CC for a late night drink before returning to the Convent to decompress and deface (with a pizza ordered on the way home).

Author: Webmaster