Water Fire

On Saturday, September 1st, Point Nun Eunice was joined by Srs. KrisTall, Sandra, and Rosetta for communal facing and the Nun Bus ride down to Providence in the late afternoon. Upon arrival and parking at the large downtown, multistory lot connected to the downtown strip by a shopping mall, we made our way through said mall in anticipation of finding a “Little Nun’s Room” before hitting the streets.

Mall security expressed concern and cited policy violations having to do with masking the face beyond recognition, and they asked us to leave. Sr. KrisTall took a stand on behalf of scary clown drag Nuns everywhere, and declared vociferously that they would be in violation of our First Amendment rights were they to force us to leave. Quite a bit of maneuvering later, we were down on street level and eventually rid of the mall management and security hoard. And yes, KrisTall had taken her pee before we left.

We then met up with Sr. Dearest and NSr. Freida, as well as some friendly supporters.

We had a brilliant experience in the crowd, with the floating fire, the floating music, and floating scent of many foods, and all. We handed out cards, posed for pictures, and spread our ministry.

At the end of the night we did have one final confrontation with a man who claimed to be quite offended by our bible purses, and he insisted we move away from where he and his friends were spending time. We refused, and as a group staged an impromptu demonstration for civil rights. It was quite energizing. He was rude, and we were already somewhat on edge after the meet up with mall security earlier. I personally think we might have handled ourselves a bit more gracefully (or at least I could have). That said, the man was out of line and likely quite drunk, and a dialog was not going to happen. We did get vocal support from lookers on.

And then all the little Nun pigs went wee wee wee all the way home. End of story.


Author: Webmaster