Youth2Youth Housing Fundraiser

13527_10153380351676414_1027602608947991807_n wideOn a crisp and windy April 24th, Sisters Gloria LeLuia and Lida Christ met with Aspirant Devin at Lida’s house for manifestation. Tonight’s event was for the Youth2Youth Housing Project in Harvard Square, a brand-new 20 bed facility for homeless youth. The program is named Youth2Youth because it has the distinction of being for homeless youth and run by members of the same age group. A truly inspiring story.

Upon arriving at Club Oberon in Cambridge, the Sisters met up with Postulant Katya Kizm who looked at lovely as always in her tan schmatta. The group met up with Jayms Battaglia, the mastermind behind the entire event and the Sisters’ point of contact. She was so pleased to see us and swiftly brought us into the venue to get settled in.

The Sisters’ main job of the evening was simply to schmooze; we hugged, air-kissed, chatted, ate, drank, and danced the night away. We met many of the people who created the project and got an inside scoop on how the whole thing came together. We also ran into Sister Bingo co-host Mizery and our very own saint Gigi Gill, St. Salem Lights.

Around 8pm, two members of Y2Y took to the stage to formally welcome everyone and give a little background information. They then introduced three members of the community who had, themselves, experienced homelessness in one way or another, for a multitude of reasons. Reminding everyone that homelessness can happen to anyone, at any time, for any reason. There is not just one story. After the touching and heartfelt stories, a few more people took to the microphone to explain the goals of Y2Y and one final “ask” was given, asking the crowd to reach into their pockets and donate whatever they could.

After mingling with the patrons who stuck around, the Sisters decided to leave. We said our adieu to the lovely Jayms and other members of Y2Y and headed out. After removing their faces, Postulant Katya and Aspirant Devin went on their way and Sisters Gloria and Lida headed to Dorchester for a lovely dinner with Sisters Eunice X and KrisTall Mighty (dressed as boys).

Author: Webmaster