2012 Drag Bingo Fundraising Totals

2012 was another productive year of drag bingo at Club Cafe. Under the leadership of Sister Sandra Musique and Saint Constance “The B-9” Waverly, a total of $8,835.07 was raised for charity! Check out the charities we’ve helped each month!

January Mercy for Animals  $   402.75
February Safe Homes  $   535.00
March Community Research initiative  $   185.00
April LGBT Asylum Support Task Force  $   496.00
May Memorial AIDS Fund  $   393.32
June Children’s Hospital  $   822.00
July Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  $   659.00
August IMPACT LGBTQ Scholarship Fund  $   562.00
September Harbor to the Bay  $ 3,032.00
October The Theatre Offensive  $   406.00
November LGBT Asylum Support Task Force  $   625.00
December Toys for Joys  $   717.00
Annual Total  $ 8,835.07

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the past year! Don’t forget to join us on the second Monday of every month at Club Cafe for more drag bingo with the sisters and Constance Waverly.

Author: Webmaster