Twisted Sister, she of the Purloined Cheese Shaker

Saint “Twisted Sister, she of the Purloined Cheese Shaker” Julie Knapp

Julie, through her business, Twisted Sisters Pizza and Ice Cream in Provincetown, has taken upon herself the endeavor to help provide meals for year round Ptown residents who may not otherwise be able to afford same by themselves.  She has been an active supporter of the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (“SKiP”), as well as ran a program where customers could donate slices of pizza for others to come in to the shop and be able to claim –“Pending Pizza.” She also instituted a program where she committed a percentage of her business’ sales to benefit SKiP.  Furthermore, she has supported Camp Lightbulb with meals. All of these efforts are to be lauded, as the costs of doing such things is not to be discounted.  She does not own her own commercial space, but leases (at Ptown rates), so has already enough cost pressure on her business.  This demonstrates a level of sacrifice to her own bottom line that underscores her commitment to food security issues that affect Provincetown.

Author: Aria Inyette