A Normal Heart

Attending were : Sister Rosetta Stone, Sister Ima Miracle, Postulant Luvinya Always, Aspirant Agnes Day, Saint Meg-a-Pixel, Luvinya’s BF, & the two women who won Tickets at Sister Bingo

After a long day of secular work, Rosetta picked up Ima at the Grove and we dashed over to Postulant Luvinya’s home to manifest.  Outfits and faces were put on in decent time, and we rushed out the door after meeting Luvinya’s landlord.. a lovely older woman who found no issue with what we do and her catholic sensibilities. 😉

The show was amazing.. and I managed to hold back tears until the end when the images of the AIDS Quilt were on the screen, the names were projected onto the audience, and the cacophony of names being read.. thankfully my face already had glitter tears on it.

As the theater was being opened the Sisters greeted folks and sold raffle tickets to benefit the Zeitgeist Theater Company, a non-profit theater. We were given a few minutes before the production to speak to the audience about the Sisters and the raffle.  During intermission we sold a few more tickets, and right at the end of intermission we pulled winners.

Notes for the future : Don’t assume that when someone asks you to do a raffle they will supply the raffle tickets.. thanks to Rosie’s suggestion I msgd the contact the night before to confirm and was told that he assumed we would provide all of that.  Big thanks to Rosie who saved the day by finding 2 rolls of tickets for us to use.

We raised $109.00 for the Zeitgeist.

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